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If you would like to add another color or an extra black cartridge you can add that here.

Product Description

Max. Stamp Image Size: 1 ⅝ x 1 ⅝ " Actual text size may vary depending on your personalized text and how it needs to be adjusted to fit in the stamp image. Our stamps feature interchangeable design plates. Each self inking stamp comes with a removable design plate, which allows you to use multiple designs with just one stamp body. *This is a design plate only. You will need the corresponding stamp body (pictured) to use this design plate. So easy to use! Pinch design plate tabs to remove.Snap new design plate into place. When buying a new design plate, we also suggest a new ink pad to ensure that an impression in the ink pad from a previous design plate does not impede your new design plate from hitting the ink pad.  This is not mandatory but is highly suggested to get the best impression out of your new design plate. When will I receive my stamp? Please check current Shipping Times