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PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY: Guard your ID, cover up your address or shield any other sensitive and confidential information effectively with a 1.0 INCH WIDE unique camouflage pattern with JUST ONE ROLL (do not roll multiple times)

Unlike paper shredders this security stamp roller offers a wide range of uses as it also CONCEALS SHIPPING LABELS or anything else printed on GLOSSY PAPER – furthermore it can be used also on round objects like PRESCRIPTION BOTTLES

Useful not only as an ADDRESS BLOCKER or ID POLICE, but also keeps away preying eyes from invoices, authority documents, checks, bank statements and many more

LONG-LASTING and UNLIMITED REFILLING: The ID defender roller stamp’s initial ink cartridge can cover up to 330 feet (100 meters) of concealed impressions and with its mess-free refilling system you can continue using it indefinitely – this product version already comes with a pack of 3 refills

PRACTICAL: Say goodbye to shredding, pen scribbling, removing shipping labels by hand, or ripping paper into pieces with this ergonomically designed stamp roller for a perfect grip, whether you’re left-handed or right-handed